Sadly, this is discontinued.

I don’t have the time to continue converting this anymore. I’m sorry!

It started out as a way to get the website you were currently on to your phone, quickly. Then, iOS added handoff and iCloud tabs, browsers added sync, and everything superseded texting. Then, congress passed laws that made it illegal for me to send you a text message without your explicit consent. (A good thing, but it kinda killed the app and the ability to hack on SMS as a platform.)

Then I turned it into a super simple bookmarking tool and OmniFocus Send-To-Inbox bookmarklet. (And serious eats recipe/grocery list parser!) Simply because that’s what I needed at the time, so a super specific set of use cases. At its peak, around 200 folks and myself used it for whatever.

I might open up the repo soon, but there’s not a lot there worth seeing.

Cheers! Derek.


1-click bookmarklet to send things to omnifocus via mail drop. and more!

All the things you can do here:

  1. Create a bookmarklet to send things to your OmniFocus Inbox via Mail Drop.
    • (And parse Serious Eats recipes straight to your Inbox.)
  2. Use a super simple bookmarking tool (via bookmarklet and obscured URL to access ‘em) like or pinboard, but with 1% of the functionality.
  3. Create a simple Feedbin Share URL.